Paco Young
January 28, 1958 - - December 1, 2005

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Paco Young -Paco Young January 28, 1958 - - December 1, 2005
Paco Young

Born in Biloxi, MS, on January 28, 1958, to Ray and Charlotte Young, Paco lived throughout the South, spending most of his memorable years in Nashville, TN. He attended the Memphis College of Art, where he met, and wisely soon after married, his best friend of the past 27 years, Toni Taylor Young.

After graduation in 1981, Paco and Toni took their artwork on the road, traveling to countless art shows across the United States for 10 months a year, 10 years running. In March, 1994, they moved from Atlanta, GA, to the Gallatin Valley, achieving Paco`s life-long dream of living out West. It was here their son, Graham Parker, 11, was born.

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