Paco Young
January 28, 1958 - - December 1, 2005

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Paco and Graham -Paco Young January 28, 1958 - - December 1, 2005
Paco and Graham

Paco was a perfectionist, and he took pride in everything he did, from painting landscapes and western big game, to hunting and fishing, to the beautiful woodwork in his home and even the upkeep of his yard. Doing anything half-baked was inconceivable, and to do so was simply disrespectful to himself, his family, and even to strangers.

He also loved a challenge: His eyes would light up talking about casting to a pod of 20-plus-inch rainbows with a size 22 fly on a 7X tippet, and he relished debating politics with any liberal he met. A staunch conservative, he could fluster even the most poised opponent with his relentless enthusiasm and convictions.

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