There are both lithographs and posters in this section. Lithographs are the traditional signed and numbered limited edition prints on paper. Most of these prints were produced for conservation groups (ie: National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited, Ruffed Grouse Society, etc.) as national fund- raisers and are artist's proofs in limited supply.
Posters are on high-gloss poster stock yet are not signed and numbered.

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"Autumn Brilliance"Lithographs/Posters - SOLD-OUT -
"Autumn Brilliance"

"Yardbirds"Lithographs/Posters -

"Light Dance"Lithographs/Posters -
"Light Dance"

"Autumn Harem"Lithographs/Posters - SOLD-OUT -
"Autumn Harem"
"The Bathers"Lithographs/Posters - SOLD-OUT -
"The Bathers"

"Quiet Rain Mallards"Lithographs/Posters -
"Quiet Rain Mallards"

"Quiet Morning Canadas"Lithographs/Posters -
"Quiet Morning Canadas"

"Sprigs & Snow"Lithographs/Posters -
"Sprigs & Snow"

"Old Orchard Farm"Lithographs/Posters -
"Old Orchard Farm"

"Pickin-Up"Lithographs/Posters -

"Old Faithful"Lithographs/Posters -
"Old Faithful"

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